May 2019 Letter to NRA Members:

Since its founding in 1871, the National Rifle Association has continued to adapt its purpose and objectives to remain relevant in the protection of our traditions, sports and 2nd Amendment rights. However, one thing has remained constant: the NRA is its members, not just some building in Virginia. These members believe that their organization defends their rights with a shared and equal passion. We all need the NRA to succeed.

 It was belief in this mission that led me to first run for a seat on the NRA Board of Directors in 2015. Every prospective director must demonstrate their value to the members in order to get elected to the Board. These directors are not employees of the NRA and their sole allegiance should be to the members they represent. As directors we are tasked with oversight and guidance of the Association through committee work. The NRA has over 45 committees covering the entire scope of the NRA’s interests. As a body, we also make decisions about the leadership of the Board and about who runs the Association day to day as the Executive Vice President and CEO. When issues arise, it is our duty as a Board to address them.

 Before leaving for the 2019 NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, I personally and publicly expressed concern over the direction I felt the NRA had taken recently. But I wanted to keep an open mind as I sifted through the information and talked to those involved. I took an oath as a Director and there are ethical and legal issues governing what can be discussed publicly, especially when multiple committee meetings as well as the Board meeting itself invoked executive session. Ethically and legally, I cannot discuss what was revealed in those meetings, and I will not betray my legal obligations. Further, I do not think that the NRA’s legal issues should be made public fodder. Let the evidence and the courts be the arbiters of these matters, not the biased media or some billionaire’s agenda.

 I can tell you that I did not vote to have the meeting go into executive session but, beyond that, I'll refer you to the brilliant summation by Lt. Colonel Allen West (https://theoldschoolpatriot.com/about-that-nra-board-vote/)

 "Stand and Fight" needs to be more than a marketing slogan; it needs to be a level of involvement. The NRA is not a proxy for your 2nd Amendment rights. Your membership is a commitment to join the fight. What does that mean? Members should participate in their Association. Talk to Board members to see if their positions on issues align with yours. Vote for Board members you believe will fight for the things you believe in. They are your elected officials; they are your voice. Less than 10% of NRA voting members even submit their ballots, and even fewer ever contact Board members. I gave guidance on this matter in an article I wrote in January (https://tinyurl.com/ya585la6). I implore you to engage in your Association and your Republic.

It was never my goal to simply add "NRA Board Director" to my curriculum vitae, but to lend my time, energy, and resources to the defense of our most precious Constitutional right. I am in this fight, and I will always listen to what you have to say whether positive or negative.


Yours in Liberty,

Timothy Knight


2nd Amendment Advocate

School Safety Proponent

Grassroots Example

NRA Director