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NRA Board of Directors

76 Directors at large, elected by the members.

The NRA is it's members.
Your vote, Your voice, Your Association.

What is the NRA Board of Directors?

How and why your vote matters.

My name is Timothy Knight, I am a Director on the Board of National Rifle Association of America. As a director I legally represents the interests of NRA members by way of an election of voting members. I serve at their pleasure for a three year term, I began my first term in April of 2015 and I am up for election again in early 2018. As a member representative, I have the responsibility of establishing, guiding and assessing the overall direction of the Association through my attendance at board meeting three times a year and serving on a committee in areas where I can provide expertise and practical experience. The directors position is unpaid.

The Board is made up of 76 members at large from across the country who serve on 40 standing committees that span the extensive organizational structure of the NRA from competitions to grassroots politics.

Each year 25 of those NRA board seats are up for election by voting members of the Association. Voting members are those who have remained members for 5 years or have a life or greater membership in the Association. Those ballots are mailed in February or March every year either in your monthly magazine or by mail if you get an electronic publication. I want to encourage you, my fellow voting members take this vote seriously.

You can vote for from one to twenty five people and have your ballot remain valid. Please read the provided biographies and do your own research. Be sure to sign your ballot and get it in the mail before the deadline.

One seat, the 76th seat, is a one year term voted on by certain members in attendance at the NRA annual meeting.

It is your Assocation, you are its power and you decide who represents your interests. Thank you for your time and I hope to see you at an annual meeting or on the road standing up for our rights. 

Committee Service

2015 - Present:  I was assigned to the Grassroots Committee and I am a current member of that committee.
2015 - 2017:  I served on the Clubs & Associations Committee.
2016: I served on the Nomination Committee

2017 - Present: I will begin my service on the Publications Committee





Grassroots often means knocking on doors.

Connecticut October, 2014.